Ethane CHemical AMPlifier (ECHAMP)

Our ECHAMP sensor quantifies total peroxy radicals ([HO2] + Σ[RO2]) and Ox ([O3] + [NO2]). We have recently deployed it for studies of ozone formation and radical chemistry in cities, forests, and forest fires. 

More info:

E. Wood, B. Deming, and S. Kundu, "Ethane-Based Chemical Amplification Measurement Technique for Atmospheric Peroxy Radicals", Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett., 2017, 4 (1), pp 15–19

Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (CIMS)

Our Aerodyne/TOFWERK high-resolution ToF-CIMS is currently configured to use iodide as the reagent ion and made its maiden voyage to Boise in August 2019.  

Additional Instruments:

Thermal Dissociation CAPS (for particulate organic nitrates)

ThermoFisher sensors for NO/NOx, CO, O3