Atmospheric Measurements

Much of our research hinges on the ability to measure the concentrations of trace compounds in the atmosphere. We use a combination of optical and mass spectrometric techniques to quantify concentrations of numerous compounds at the part-per-trillion level.

Forest Fires

Forests fires emit large quantities of gases and particles into the atmosphere. Our goal is to quantify the emissions and chemical transformations of these compounds and to determine their impacts on air quality and climate.

Recent deployments: 

October 2016: US Forest Service Fire lab, Missoula, Montana

Summer 2018: McCall, Idaho

Summer 2019: Meridian (near Boise), Idaho

Urban Air Pollution

We are interested in quantifying  emissions of primary pollutants and elucidating the formation mechanisms of secondary pollutants, especially ozone (O3) and secondary aerosol.

Past and future deployments:

San Antonio, May 2017

New York City, Summer 2023